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Donations to PDPMSS is exempted under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act. Govt. of INDIA


Purba Dwarakapur Moon Star Sangha was started in the year 2003 under the leadership of Bibekananda Bag a son of the soil, to motivate the other youths of the locality to provide services for the community people specially for the poor and marginalized for up-gradation of quality of life through different activities and to address the emerging issues in the socio economic and cultural context. 

It has concentrated on education, health & hygiene, livelihood enhancement entrepreneurship program, environment, women & child care as also program for the handicapped people. The organization has gained experiences of working with SFR, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India, Department of Sports & Youth services, Sports wing, women and youth empowerment, Disability Care, Training and empowerment and Kishori Shakti Yojana ,Various training Govt .of India as well as Govt. of West Bengal.

Dry food distribution for Disable/needy people during lock down period of COVID-19, In West Bengal

From the Secretary’s Desk

PDPMSS express its heartiest thanks to and welcome the workers for their full cooperation and assistance for the development work and in successful completion for the cause of the disprivileged sections of the society, especially those who are unheard and oppressed. 

Participation of people from every walk of life in planning process encourages the people to shoulder the responsibilities of undertaking development initiatives and accordingly with this objectives in mind we are striving towards the programmers/activities involving social workers, health workers, students, Teachers, PRI members, Volunteers, Community members representatives, villagers and other peers on methodology to be adopted to address the needs and priority and to address the emerging issues confronting in the lives of the people.


Through our efforts we have made a little difference in the improvement of quality of life in our rural and urban project area, but we hope that one day we will grow substantially to be of more help for the people for whom we are working.

The joy express by the workers are boundless for carrying this pious task.

Bibekananda Bag


  • To work for sustainable development practices in the rural area ensuring woman empowerment at all stages.
  • To make people aware of the rights, duties, & responsibilities as an individual, a village, a citizen.
  • To acquire, establish, start and run maintain or manage school, libraries, & hospitals for the benefit of the public.
  • Providing preventive, primitive and curative health care services for the people in general & women & children in specific.
  • To supply nutrition food to the village indigent children (0-6years) & expectant & nursing mother.
  • Creation of a favorable social environment for eco-friendly society through local initiatives.
  • To help the aged, sick helpless and indigent person.
  • To do all social welfare activities including sanitation, public, health, road, development etc.
  • To established disable student day care, short stay and home as well as training including empowerment.

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